Additional Information

 DM Productions provides a 15 or 25 lamp wireless system that will give you a wonderful colored accent for ballrooms with a capacity of up to 300-500 people. Our lighting technician or DJ will arrive one hour prior to guests arriving and spread the lights out evenly throughout the ballroom. Because the system is wireless, we are not running unsightly wires to each unit and are not encumbered by lack of power. Our lights last up to 10 hours on a single charge. Our approach is to look for open stretches of walls or nuances in the room that might be accented with some color.

There are many color choices available but our technician or DJ  will narrow the choices down for each client as to what fits well with the room. Whenever possible we like to have the Bride and Groom take a few moments before the room is opened to guests to see the different colors and have the couple make the final decision. Very often we will match the flowers or the color scheme of the linen.

Our price is $850.00 for 5 hours including an appropriately dressed on site technician who will be on call just outside the room. 

For larger ballrooms, we offer a 25 lamp system for $1250.00. 



a nice addition to the entrance


Monograms can be a wonderfule addition to the decor of your reception site. But first, you MUST have a viable space. 

above the sweetheart table


If we are not familiar with a venue or haven't been there in a while, we will do a site visit for you to determine where the monogram would go. How big it will be and where to setup the projector. 

ballroom wall


We don't shoot monograms on the dance floor because then the time you have to enjoy it is very limited

inside the tent


A tent and an evening wedding are the perfect combination for a monogram

Design Choices

You can choose from over 100 fonts or suggest your own font. We can also create an animated monogram . Samples provided on request.


We charge $350.00 for a monogram

$400 for an animated monogram